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Pawsitively Premium

At Pawsitivity, we know there is no premium you can put on keeping your pup safe. We transform sturdy, durable raw fabrics and hardware into artistic pieces while still maintaining safety as our foremost concern.

Made of apparel grade neoprene, our vest harnesses are constructed of a soft, water-resistant fabric generally used to make wetsuits. This fabric greatly reduces the possibility of a dog pulling out of our harness, as it eliminates the risk associated with thinner stretch fabrics widely used in the pet industry.

We meticulously select and test our rose gold and silver hardware to ensure it not only looks great, but also provides the strength to keep pups of all sizes safe. Our design team consciously includes various weights in our metal hardware to offer a perfect fit for different size pups and to ensure our product lasts the test of time. While plastic buckles can be cracked or broken within just a few minutes, our metal hardware passes the “chewproof” buckle test.  For the more salty members of our #pawsitivevibetribe, we also spray our buckles to protect against salt water. Simply rinsing our hardware with fresh water after saltwater exposure preserves our products for many beach trips to come!

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