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Our philosophy is simple...spreading positive energy to the world is much easier when you have your pup at your side! How many times have complete strangers thanked you for letting them pet your dog and said that it made their day?

Our leashes and harnesses feature the highest quality craftsmanship and the most unique prints on the market to ensure your pup is safe and stylish as you two spread the good vibes!

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About Rebecca

I never wanted to be an entrepreneur. Growing up surrounded by the challenges of a family business, I earned my undergraduate and then my MBA with a goal of climbing the corporate ladder. I began working as an inventory analyst for a large women’s apparel company. To me, the company’s business was always “my business.” I think it came from growing up seeing how hard my dad worked and that idea of being personally invested in what you do had been deeply ingrained in my character.

The first few years of my career being inquisitive and passionate about making improvements earned me a few promotions. I was on my way up the quintessential ladder until my questions started to threaten people around me. Asking questions as an entry-level analyst was one thing, but asking those same questions further into my career did not sit well with my peers or superiors. Despite ongoing financial trouble, the company’s mantra encouraged maintaining the status quo.

Certain the conservative corporate culture drove the disconnect I felt, I started working for another large retail company with a more open-minded reputation. I ultimately hit the same wall. Only this time, in addition to finding the same resistance to change I also encountered a toxic working environment. At that point, I shifted gears a bit and consulted for a few fashion startups, including early and late-stage startups. The same stagnant and often misogynistic values surfaced in these organizations as well.

Pawsitivity is somewhat of a personal plight for me to build a company with a message I believe in, to create a unique product that is high quality and to create a corporate culture that truly values people equally and based on their contributions. The idea for Pawsitivity itself actually came from a very basic need I figured other dog mom and dads might be feeling too. I just couldn’t find awesome prints and great quality unique gear for my pup Merlin! While I never imagined I would own a small business, somehow along the way I became an entrepreneur.

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